A crown is a restoration that fits over your natural tooth to restore the structural integrity.

When is it time for a crown?

When a tooth has a large filling it becomes weak and can easily fracture. A Crown can be placed to prevent fracture and further breakdown of the tooth. This helps to avoid having to perform additional procedures in the future or in some cases removal of the tooth. Virtually all back teeth that have root canal treatment should have a crown in a timely fashion.

Do they look like my natural teeth and what are they made of?

The materials we use to fabricate crowns are all white and match the color of your existing teeth. It is very rare for a crown to break, as some materials are stronger than your natural teeth.

How long do they last?

Generally crowns last a very long time. The tooth is very well protected but oral hygiene is still important to maintain the health of the tooth and gums. It’s always hard to use the term forever as there are many factors involved in maintaining your teeth. Crowns are placed to preserve a tooth for many years, most last forever.